Trail Racing Reimagined


a brand new trail race experience 
with 3 unique hybrid running events



A classic trail race with a unique twist

(Coming 2023)



Sandbags, Flags, Trails, & Points

 (Available Now)



Barbells and Trails

(Coming 2024)


ArizonaOnyx 10/15/22

More than running

Events designed to test your all-around fitness, strength, endurance, and grit while still maintaining that element of trail running we all love.

More for each racer

Plain and simple, your race experience begins the moment you commit and ends when you finally take that post-race shower.
  • Lots of swag
  • Interactive 3D course map available weeks before your event 
  • An unforgettable race-day experience:
    • Live leaderboard​
    • Overloaded aid stations
    • Finisher awards
    • Free products from companies that we love
  • Prize money for the top 5 finishers in each division

More for each spectator

We know spectating a trail event can be challenging and, frankly, sometimes boring.  So we've worked to enhance the spectator experience for our events.  
  • Spectator entry at each Double Black Event is always free
  • Courses are optimized to have as much spectator visibility as possible
  • A fun festival area for the whole family:
    • Free items from vendors
    • Raffle for prizes
    • Lawn games
    • Visible leaderboard so you can follow the action
Desert Views


Registration for our first Onyx event of 2022 is now open.
4 hours of strategy, trails, sandbags, and scoring points.