Vanta FAQs


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General Vanta Race Details

All roads lead to Vanta, the championship of Double Black.  Vanta will be a unique combination of all Double Black event formats, but with even more challenging terrain, workouts, and weights.  In a four hour event, individual participants will tackle tough trails to gain as many points as possible within that time frame.  Athletes will gain points by doing a combination of bringing sandbags or flags back to their base and completing workouts each time they return to the start.  Point amounts will vary similar to our Onyx race and points for workouts will be allotted based on performance.  Athletes will also have multiple routes to choose from in order to make strategy a key part of success.  All participants must qualify (see below) in order to participate in Vanta will be the only Double Black event that offers prize money as the award to top finishers.    


How do I qualify for Vanta?

To qualify for Vanta, athletes must complete 1 of our 3 event formats and have a top finish in their gender/division at each. Athletes qualify if they do any of the following: -A top 5 Onyx team event finish (male, female, and coed) -A top 20 Jet finish (male, female, 55+ male, and 55+ female) -A top 20 Carbon Rx division finish (Rx Male, Rx Female)

How do I sign up for Vanta?

Once an athlete qualifies, they will automatically be sent an email with a unique passcode that will allow them to register on the Vanta registration page.

What will the venue/start area be like?

We promise to deliver a top-notch experience and that begins with an excellent venue. Our starting area will include great music, a live updated scoreboard, awesome food/water from our sponsors, excellent visibility for spectators, plenty of porta-potties, a running clock, and a fully supportive staff.

Do spectators have to pay to watch?

Nope, that would be ridiculous. Spectators are free, but they must park in the spectator parking area. This info will be given as the date of the event gets closer.

Will I have to pay for parking?

Since we use local areas for parking, a $10 parking fee per person is included as part of the entry cost. No additional costs are assessed or required after you register for the event.

What are the required movements and weights for the Vanta workouts?

The exact details for the movements for each division will be sent out with the course map and workout list two weeks before the event. However, so that you know what movements and weights to expect, here is a list of everything that COULD BE included in the event. Anything not listed here WILL NOT be included in the event: Deadlift, Snatch, Clean, Clean & Jerk, Push-Press, Thruster, Box Jumps, Burpees, Box Jump Overs, Lunges, Back Squat, Front Squat, Pull-Ups, Push-ups, Sit-ups, Devil Presses (dumbbells), Shoulder-to-Overhead, Weighted Lunges, Wallballs, Tire-flips, Row erg, Bike erg, toes-to-bar Weights for AMRAPs and EMOMs will not exceed the following: Men Rx - 135lbs (50lbs dumbbell) Women Rx - 115lbs (35lbs dumbbell) There will most likely also be a one-rep max lifting movement. Sandbag weight - varied with a max weight of 50lbs

Are there different divisions? What are the details of the awards?

In Vanta, there are two divisions: Individual Male and Individual Female. For additional information on awards, please see our Award Details page.

What about refunds if I'm unable to compete?

While we do not give full refunds for events, we will allow you to transfer your registration or receive a registration code for any future Jet event. In the case of a Jet event needing to be rescheduled, all current registrations will automatically be changed to the new date.

How many aid stations will there be?

This will also vary depending on the location and course, but we guarantee a large aid station at the start/finish area along with a few aid stations on some of the routes. We highly recommend carrying water when running the routes and carrying water will be mandatory when attempting the "black" route.

Is there an age requirement to participate?

Due to the challenging nature of the event, all participants must be 16 years of age or older by the event date in order to participate.

What is included in my registration fee?

A whole lot of stuff: -Parking and Shuttle Transportation (if necessary depending on the venue) -Custom DBE Junk Headband -Various swag items -Nutrition items from our sponsors -Finisher awards -Access to well-stocked aid stations -Access to professional event photographs and video (posted on our website one week after event) -Access to our awesome venue area equipped with our electronic leaderboard, free product from local vendors, and great music -A shot at the podium and to win awards in each division -An opportunity to win up to $2500 in cash

When will I receive race-specific details?

A final race-day program containing parking details, venue-specific information, and a final course map will be emailed out two weeks prior to the race date. This will also include details of the routes and a list of workouts in the order they will be required during the race.

What are the distances of the routes?

Routes on the Vanta course will vary from 3-12 miles out and back. The longer the route, the more points the sandbag/flag will be worth.

Vanta scoring and points system explained....

In four hours, athletes compete for the highest overall score. Athletes gain points in two ways: -bringing sandbags and flags back to the start area -having the fastest times/highest scores on each workout Just like our Onyx race, Flag points will vary based on the difficulty and length of the route. Sandbags will be in limited quantity, but worth double the amount of points than the flags. Whenever an athlete returns back to the start area with a sandbag/flag, they will have to complete a workout before they can head out to get another sandbag/flag. The point allotment for workouts is broken down as follows based on fastest time/highest rep count: 1st: 50 points 2nd: 35 points 3rd: 30 points 4th: 20 points 5th: 10 points All other finishing places: 5 points An athlete can complete as many workouts as they want within the 4-hour timeframe. For example, some athletes may choose to run longer routes, bring back high-point sandbags/flags, and do less workouts while other athletes may choose to run many, short routes for lower-point sandbags/flags and do many workouts. Some may prefer a mix of both. If an athlete is the only one to complete a workout, they will automatically be allotted 1st place points for that workout despite their finishing time. These scores will be instantly updated and displayed on our electronic leaderboards in the venue area. Everyone will have to complete the same workouts in order, but some may complete more than others.