The Championship of Double Black Events

The ultimate challenge

You've seen our motto:  come to compete or come to complete.  Onyx, Jet, and Carbon have opportunities for both the competitive athlete and the weekend warrior to participate.  Vanta stands apart as an event for those who really want to compete and be pushed to their limits.  Additionally, Vanta is the only Double Black event offering cash prizes for top finishers. 



Vanta will be a unique combination of all Double Black event formats, but with even more challenging terrain, workouts, and weights.  In a four hour event, individual participants will tackle tough trails to gain as many points as possible within the time allotted.  Athletes will gain points by doing a combination of bringing sandbags back to the start hub and completing workouts each time they return to the start.  Point amounts will vary similar to Onyx and points for workouts will be allotted based on finishing time.  Athletes will also have multiple routes to choose from in order to make strategy a key part of success.  

To qualify for Vanta, athletes must complete 1 of our 3 event formats and have a top finish in their division.

Athletes qualify if they do any of the following:

-A top 5 Onyx team event finish (Male, Female, Coed) 

-A top 20 Jet finish (Male, Female, M 55+, F 55+)  

-A top 20 Carbon Rx division finish (Male Rx, Female Rx)

Once an athlete qualifies, they will be sent an invite email with a unique passcode for registration.  As with all of our events, Vanta will have a live running scoreboard at both the event venue and online during the event.


Check out our FAQ page for all of the details. 


Each Vanta registrant receives:

-Vanta DBE Junk Headband

-Various Vanta-only swag items

-Nutrition items from our sponsors

-Finisher awards

-Access to well-stocked aid stations

-Access to professional event photographs and video (posted on our website one week after event)

-Access to our awesome venue area equipped with our electronic leaderboard, free product from local vendors, and great music

-A shot at the podium to win up to $2500 in cash and other awards

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