Onyx FAQs

For any additional questions, feel free to reach out to our team at info@doubleblackevents.com

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General Onyx Race Details

Onyx is the ultimate team trail challenge which lasts 4 hours. In teams of 4 (no more, no less), racers will work together to take on 8 different trail routes with varying difficulty and length. Your goal? Gain as many points as possible for your team by bringing sandbags and flags back to your hub. It is completely up to you how you decide to take on this challenge. Racers can split up and take on routes that play to each of their strengths or you could team up and run the same route together. Strategize and work hard.


Each of the 8 routes will be worth different points based on their difficulty. Each route will be an "out-and-back" with the sandbags and flags positioned at the turn around point with one of our staff members. The more challenging the route, the more points the flags and sandbags will be worth. The routes will vary in length from 1 mile to up to 13 miles roundtrip.


Each route will have 5 sandbags available for pickup. The first 5 teams to reach the turnaround point of a route will have the opportunity to claim a sandbag and carry it back to the start area. Sandbags are worth double the amount of points that flags are worth, but there is a limited supply. (Example: You run a route where flags are worth 20 points, but you bring back one of the sandbags. Your team will receive 40 points.)


The teams with the most points after 4 hours win the competition. Additionally, the top 3 teams in each division with the most points after the 2-hour mark will earn the coveted "Point Leaders" jerseys to show off for the second half off the competition.


Back at your team's hub and the start area, you will have access to an incredible venue with a plethora of spectators, a live team leaderboard, excellent music, and an unmatched aid station area where you can fuel up before heading back out. 

Come to experience a once-in-a-lifetime trail race with a supportive staff, incredible views, a tough challenge, and fun competition. Rally your squad, commit to the challenge, climb the leaderboard, and have a blast.


Nitpicky rules

  • Only one flag or sandbag can be claimed on each route attempt. Racers cannot grab multiple flags. 

  • Each racer must pass through the check-in tent when returning to claim their points, drop off flag/sandbag, then exit through the marked area when heading back out

  • Flags/Sandbags must be returned to the start area before time expires in order for points to count


What are the weights of the sandbags?

The weight will vary depending on the difficulty of the route to get to the sandbag and the distance from the start area. However, the weight of a sandbag will not exceed 50 lbs.

What are the distances of the routes and how many are there?

This varies depending on the venue, but we guarantee at least five routes and one "gold" route. The gold route will be the most challenging, usually to a peak, and can often exceed 10 miles roundtrip. The other routes will vary in length from 0.5 miles to 10 miles.

What will the venue/start area be like?

We promise to deliver a top-notch experience and that begins with an excellent venue. This will also be where each team's base is located. You will come return to this area every time you bring a sandbag back. Our starting area will include great music, a live updated scoreboard, awesome food/water from our sponsors, excellent visibility for spectators, plenty of porta-potties, a running clock, and a fully supportive staff.

Can I sign up as an individual?

At this time, we are not offering an individual competition for this event.

How do I form a team?

This will be done in Runsignup after you click on the "register" button. We recommend having the team captain go through and register the entire team at once, but there is also a way for everyone to register individually and still be on the same team. The registration page will give you the option to create a team or join a team that has already been created. You'll need the password from the team captain in order to join an already created team. Please refer to this video for additional info on how to set up a team for the Onyx event:

Do spectators have to pay to watch?

Nope, that would be ridiculous. Spectators are free, but they must park in the spectator parking area. This info will be given as the date of the event gets closer.

Will I have to pay for parking?

Since we use local areas for parking, a $10 parking fee per person is included as part of the entry cost. No additional costs are assessed or required after you register for the event.

Can my team dress up in costumes?

While we do encourage matching attire, we would highly recommend not wearing anything too crazy as the trails and terrain are frequently narrow, muddy, and challenging. Essentially, wear clothes you can move well in, but no Speedos. No one wants to see that.

Where is packet pickup?

Packet pickup will be on race day at the team check-in table. From there, you will be given your wristbands and directed to where your team base is.

Are there different divisions? What are the details of the awards?

In Onyx, there are three divisions: male, female, and coed. The top 5 teams in each category will receive awards. For additional information on awards, please see our Award Details page.

What about refunds if I'm unable to compete?

While we do not give full refunds for events, we will allow you to transfer your registration or receive a registration code for any future Onyx event. In the case of an Onyx event needing to be rescheduled, all current registrations will automatically be changed to the new date.

How many aid stations will there be?

This will also vary depending on the location and course, but we guarantee a large aid station at the start area (where you will return each time you bring back a sandbag) and aid stations at some of the sandbag/flag pickup areas. This will vary depending on the venue. Carrying water with you while out on the routes is highly recommended and is required for anyone taking on the "black" route.

Is there an age requirement to participate?

Due to the challenging nature of the event, all participants must be 16 years of age or older by the event date in order to participate.

What is included in my registration fee?

A whole lot of stuff: -Parking and Shuttle Transportation (if necessary depending on the venue) -Custom DBE Junk Headband -Various swag items -Nutrition items from our sponsors -Finisher awards -Access to well-stocked aid stations -Access to professional event photographs and video (posted on our website one week after event) -Access to our awesome venue area equipped with our electronic leaderboard, free product from local vendors, and great music -A shot at the podium and to win awards in each division -An opportunity to qualify for our Vanta race and have a shot at $2500

When will I receive race-specific details?

A final race-day program containing parking details, venue-specific information, and a final course map will be emailed out two weeks prior to the race date.