Onyx FAQs

For any additional questions, feel free to reach out to our team at info@doubleblackevents.com

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General Onyx Race Details

Onyx is the ultimate team trail challenge which lasts 4 hours. In teams of 4 (no more, no less), racers will work together to take on 8 different trail routes with varying difficulty and length. Your goal? Gain as many points as possible for your team by bringing sandbags and flags back to your hub. It is completely up to you how you decide to take on this challenge. Racers can split up and take on routes that play to each of their strengths or you could team up and run the same route together. Strategize and work hard.


Each of the 8 routes will be worth different points based on their difficulty. Each route will be an "out-and-back" with the sandbags and flags positioned at the turn around point with one of our staff members. The more challenging the route, the more points the flags and sandbags will be worth. The routes will vary in length from 1 mile to up to 13 miles roundtrip.


Each route will have 5 sandbags available for pickup. The first 5 teams to reach the turnaround point of a route will have the opportunity to claim a sandbag and carry it back to the start area. Sandbags are worth double the amount of points that flags are worth, but there is a limited supply. (Example: You run a route where flags are worth 20 points, but you bring back one of the sandbags. Your team will receive 40 points.)


The teams with the most points after 4 hours win the competition. Additionally, the top 3 teams in each division with the most points after the 2-hour mark will earn the coveted "Point Leaders" jerseys to show off for the second half off the competition.


Back at your team's hub and the start area, you will have access to an incredible venue with a plethora of spectators, a live team leaderboard, excellent music, and an unmatched aid station area where you can fuel up before heading back out. 

Come to experience a once-in-a-lifetime trail race with a supportive staff, incredible views, a tough challenge, and fun competition. Rally your squad, commit to the challenge, climb the leaderboard, and have a blast.


Nitpicky rules

  • Only one flag or sandbag can be claimed on each route attempt. Racers cannot grab multiple flags. 

  • Each racer must pass through the check-in tent when returning to claim their points, drop off flag/sandbag, then exit through the marked area when heading back out

  • Flags/Sandbags must be returned to the start area before time expires in order for points to count