Event types



Format:  Teams of 4

Terrain:  Trail

Goal:  Gain as many points as possible

Duration:  4 Hours

Our signature team challenge.  In teams of 4, you'll strategize and race across multiple trails facing various terrains to bring sandbags and flags back to your base for points. 



Format:  Individual, 4-6 miles

Terrain:  Trail

Goal:  Speed through challenging workouts and race to the finish

This is where the barbell hits the dirt.  Take on a unique challenge facing a trail run laced with barbells, stationary bikes, boxes, and wallballs.  Divisions for both RX and Scaled movements.



Format:  Individual, 8-12 miles

Terrain:  Trail

Goal:  Race to the finish

A classic trail race with a twist.  Racers take on a challenging trail loop, but get to choose which direction they run.  Play to your strengths and high-five other racers along the way.