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Speed + Strategy

Think fast


Two routes to take on solo or as a team.

Ready to run?  The Jet race takes your traditional trail race and adds a unique element of strategy.  Your goal is to complete two different routes, each with varying length and terrain, as fast as possible.  You get to choose the order in which you take on both routes.  Will you start fast and flat?  Or will you go steep and steady first?


Solo or Doubles

The Jet has two divisions to choose from.  Take on the full course by yourself in the Solo division or tag-team the two routes in the Doubles division.


Each Jet course will vary in total mileage.  Please see the specific event page for mileage details. 

Know your strengths, set your strategy, and challenge yourself.

Each participant receives:

-2 tickets for our post-race raffle

-Free swag

-Nutrition items from our sponsors

-Finisher awards

-Access to well-stocked aid stations and recovery area

-Access to our awesome venue area equipped with our electronic leaderboard, free product from local vendors, and great music

-A shot at the podium to win prize money and other awards

-Access to photos and videos from the race

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