Desert Mountains


Sandbags, Flags, Teams, Trails, and Points


Challenge Yourself

Goal:  Score as many points as possible

Duration:  4 hours

The Onyx race is our signature event that completely flips the script on what a trail race can be.  Instead of racing for time, participants race for points.  The goal of the race is to score as many points as possible in a 4-hour time frame.  Points are earned by running designated out-and-back routes and bringing back either a sandbag or flag that are at the end of each of these routes.  


Each route has different point values and sandbags are worth double the point amount than flags.  The longer the route, the higher the point value.   With various route distances, there becomes an element of strategy and figuring out your strengths.  Racers can choose long routes or short routes and do not have to run all of the routes.  You can even run the same route over and over during the allotted time.  

Know your strengths, set your strategy, and challenge yourself.


You can also grab 3 buddies to form a team.  Each team member's individual scores will be tallied together for the chance to win awards designated specifically for the top 2 teams in each division.  More details in FAQ.


Client 7

Each participant receives:

-4 spectator lottery tickets (for your friends and family to use at the venue for chances to win amazing prizes)

-Custom Double Black Junk Headband

-A whole lotta free swag items

-Nutrition items from our sponsors

-Finisher awards

-Access to well-stocked aid stations and recovery area

-Professional event photographs and video 

-Access to our awesome venue area equipped with our electronic leaderboard, free product from local vendors, and great music

-A shot at the podium and to win prize money and other awards

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