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Onyx faqs and details

Onyx is the ultimate trail challenge. Your goal? Gain as many points as possible by running various routes and bringing a sandbag or flag back to the start line.


Each of the routes on the course will be marked a different color and worth different points based on their difficulty.  Each route will be an "out-and-back" with an aid station at the turnaround point.  This is where you'll pick up either one sandbag or one flag and run it back to the start line.


Routes vary in point value based on difficulty and mileage.  Basically, the more challenging the route, the higher the point value.   Bringing back a flag gives you 1x the route point value while bringing back a sandbag gives you 1.5x the point value.  

Each racer begins in the starting corral right next to the festival area. Once the race starts, each racer can choose to run any of the routes marked on the course.  You'll run your chosen route, grab a sandbag or flag, run back to the starting area, drop off your flag or sandbag with our staff, see your points added to our leaderboard, and then make your way to the recovery area. Here, you can enjoy a fully stocked aid station and plenty of room to spread out and rest before heading back out to take on another route of your choice. You'll work to complete as many routes as possible within your 4 or 8 hour timeframe. 


Back at the start area, you will have access to an engaging venue where you can greet your spectators, check the live leaderboard, enjoy some music, and an fuel up in an fully stocked recovery area before heading back out.

Onyx is designed to not only push you physically, but also test you mentally by creating an element of strategy. Some racers may choose to run long routes and go for a combo of flags and sandbags. Others may run shorter routes and bring back only sandbags. Some may do an entirely different combination. It is ultimately up to you, your strengths, and how you'd like to push yourself in this race.


Come to experience a once-in-a-lifetime trail race with a supportive staff, incredible views, a tough challenge, and fun competition. Rally your squad, commit to the challenge, climb the leaderboard, and have a blast.


Nitpicky rules

  • Only one flag or one sandbag can be claimed on each route attempt. Racers cannot grab multiple flags or a flag and sandbag.  

  • Each racer must pass through the Points Tent when returning to claim their points, drop off flag/sandbag, then exit through the marked area when heading back out

  • Flags/Sandbags must be returned to the start area before time expires in order for points to count

Finally, we will send out a thorough race-day information packet and event specific details one week before each event.  

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